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Transform Your Smile with OrthoFX Clear Aligners in Manhattan NYC

At New York Dental Studio, we understand that a great smile begins with straight teeth. While metal braces may not be the ideal solution for everyone, our clear aligner treatments offer a fantastic alternative.

Experience the Next Generation of Clear Aligners

With OrthoFX, you benefit from the cutting-edge FXTetra™ clear aligner polymer, designed to minimize refinements and discomfort.

Our approach combines the expertise and safety of in-person doctor care with the convenience and affordability of Direct-To-Customer brands. Your customized treatment plan is crafted by experienced doctors and closely monitored through the OrthoFX program.


Discover the NiTime™ Aligners Advantage

OrthoFX proudly introduces NiTime™ aligners, the latest technology in the market. These aligners allow you to wear them while you sleep, offering freedom from constant wear throughout your day.

What sets NiTime™ apart is its FDA-supported studies demonstrating treatment efficacy with only 9 hours of wear time. This revolutionary option is particularly beneficial for individuals with demanding work schedules or active lifestyles who may find it challenging to commit to 22 hours of daily wear.

OrthoFX Reviews

Jess Peng
Jess Peng
Upper East Side
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Dr Huang and his staff are super nice and professional. The place is sparkling clean. The surgeon who works with them is also great! If you need dental implants, I recommend NY Dental Studio
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Dr. Huang is the nicest dentist I've ever met! I was afraid of going to see dentist but he totally changed my mind! Experiences here make me feel very comfortable. Dr. Huang is patient and staffs are friendly. The fact that he can speak Chinese really make me feel at home!
Lauren Wilt
Lauren Wilt
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I have been a patient of Dr. Huang's for 12 years and he has always been wonderful. Very attentive service and flexible appointment times. I've referred numerous friends to him and will keep doing so for years to come! He is a great dentist!
Yaya W.
Yaya W.
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Everyone here is friendly and really cares to solve my needs. The receptionists are always very responsive to my inquiries on WeChat. Dr. Huang is always patient to answer all my questions about my orthodontic plan and progress. I also got a crown done here and the dentist was very professional and made sure I felt comfortable throughout the process. I’ve tried a few dental offices in the city (including Tend) and this is the only place where I feel like they truly want to solve my problems and not rip me off on the pricing.

Why Choose OrthoFX?

OrthoFX aligners are not your typical aligners. We offer the smartest technology combined with the personalized care of your doctor. Here’s what sets us apart:

  1. Clear Aligners 2.0: Our aligners are made from the revolutionary FXTetra material, providing minimal discomfort, less staining, faster treatment outcomes, and integrated whitening technology.

  2. Speed: Backed by Artificial Intelligence (AI), our Auto-Correction Rescue Aligners reduce unplanned treatment delays by 7 weeks. 83% of OrthoFX treatments finish on time.

  3. Comfort: Our aligners deliver optimal forces with 40% less pressure on teeth compared to other brands, providing a comfortable experience akin to memory foam.

  4. AI Polymer Innovation: OrthoFX utilizes advanced polymer options to create the most clear and advanced aligners available.

  5. Convenience: With built-in remote monitoring, we offer 40% fewer visits. In-person consultations are available when needed.

  6. Auto-Correct Aligners: Our AI-backed auto-correction aligners significantly reduce treatment delays, ensuring 83% of our treatments finish on time.

Rest assured that your treatment is on track with OrthoFX. We keep your doctor informed and provide remote monitoring, resulting in 40% fewer in-person visits.

OrthoFX NYC - Manhattan

New York Dental Studio, your orthodontics office is located in Manhattan at 30 East 60th Street on the Upper East Side

Flexible Payment Options for Your Convenience

OrthoFX provides flexible financing options, starting at $85 per month, with up to 60-month payment terms and no hidden fees. Our FXPay™ program ensures 100% approval as long as you have a checking account or credit card. It involves a soft inquiry only, with no application fee and a quick application process.

Our professional concierge team is here to assist you in creating a payment plan that suits your needs, offering the flexibility to start your clear aligner journey with the top provider in NYC – New York Dental Studio.


Best Orthodontist NYC - Upper East Side

When it comes to finding the best orthodontist in NYC, look no further than NY Dental Studio. With over 20 years of experience, our practice is renowned for delivering exceptional orthodontic care to patients of all ages. Dr. Kim, our highly skilled and compassionate orthodontist, utilizes the latest techniques and technologies to create beautiful, healthy smiles. 

At NY Dental Studio, we take pride in our multidisciplinary approach to dental care. Alongside our orthodontic services, we offer a comprehensive range of treatments, including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and oral surgery. This allows us to address all your dental needs under one roof, providing convenience and continuity of care.


Don’t wait to achieve the smile of your dreams. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Kim at NY Dental Studio today and discover why we are the trusted choice for orthodontic care in NYC. Call 212-588-1809 or click here to book your appointment. Your journey to a confident, straight smile starts here!

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